Welcome to How to Cook like a Peasant! My name is Alex and I love food and drink and cooking. But I’m a grad-student, and by definition, a broke-ass. No foie gras or jamón ibérico de bellota (yes, you can legally get it in the USA now) here. While luxurious foods are great, it’s my opinion that many of the best foods ever created can be traced to peasants, impoverished people, or even slaves. These are dishes created with inexpensive and accessible ingredients, but when prepared correctly can yield rich, flavorful, and complex meals. This is great news if you’re cash-strapped but still want to enjoy delicious food. In this blog I’ll be giving step by step instructions to prepare dishes from all around the world, historical and cultural context, and approximate costs. I’m planning to add something new once per week. I hope you enjoy it!

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